July 18, 2014

The TRS’s cabin has been stripped of pretty

It’s called the F12 TRS and, as the name suggests, it takes its cue from the late-1950s 250 Testa Rossa, one of Ferrari’s most revered endurance racing cars and a winner at Sebring, the Nürburgring, the Targa Florio, and most famously at Le Mans in 1958, 1960 and 1961Code 9 韓國.

By our reckoning, this is the 21st Special Project car since Ferrari started making these one-offs for its most valued – and deep-pocketed – clients, most of which have managed to stay under the radar. Though often the work of Pininfarina, the TRS was handled in-house, under the direction of Flavio Manzoni in Ferrari’s centro stile.

The chopped roof, windscreen and side glass are the obvious visual highlights, along with the fairings on the rear deck that offer the clearest connection to those ridiculously sexy Fifties endurance racers. The SP division is bound by strict rules on homologation, so the car’s hard points and the height of the lights, for example, are fixed. Nor does Ferrari sanction any performance improvements, not that the F12 (pictured below) is lacking in that department.

But other areas are up for grabs, most significantly in the car’s aero treatment, where Ferrari is happy to let its clients experiment. So the F12’s clever front wing ‘aero bridge’ has been re-profiled, and there’s a new rear spoiler, diffuser and Venturi. The V12’s red cylinder heads are visible through a window in the bonnet, a piece of theatre previously reserved for mid-engined Ferraris. bb手推車

The TRS’s cabin has been stripped of pretty much everything, and the matte black carbon trim, Alcantara and leather all have a highly technical feel. The central tunnel and door panels are painted the same red as the exterior, which has a special multi-layer finish that uses a lacquer to deliver an almost transparent effect.

We think it’s pretty cool, which hasn’t always been the case with these special project cars. What would your $5m one-off Ferrari look like?郵輪旅遊

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July 14, 2014

Among them was former domestic intelligence agency director Yuval Diskin

In fact, an Israeli investigative programme said in 2010 an order was issued by Mr Netanyahu to the Israeli military to prepare for a strike on Iran within hours if required, but that the order was cancelled due to strong opposition from Israel's military and intelligence chiefs.
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I think Israel will not attack Iran for many reasons, above all because the United States doesn't want Israel to attack Iran - it's as simple as that”

Yossi Melman Intelligence journalist

A flurry of reports in August 2012 also suggested Israel was preparing a strike before that November's US presidential elections.

At that time though, previous heads of Israel's intelligence establishment publicly declared their opposition, saying an attack on Iran would be unsuccessful and counter-productive.

Among them was former domestic intelligence agency director Yuval Diskin, who expressed the view that bombing Iran's nuclear facilities would only lead it to accelerate its programme.

However, counter-opinion is grounded in precedent, with Israel's bombing of Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981.

"When we were planning Osirak, we believed the operation would put back [Iraq's nuclear programme] by three or four years," says Dr Shmuel Bar, Director of Studies at the Institute of Policy and Strategy in Herzliya.

"Actually it put it back by 10 years - so you never really know when you shuffle cards what the results are going to be. So from the point of view of criticism that Israel won't do it because Israel can only do so much damage, I think that's a misconception."

Such a result might only be achieved, though, if Mr Netanyahu acts sooner rather than later. Former Defence Minister Ehud Barak has said Iran could reach a "zone of immunity" - the point at which fortification of its nuclear sites would render a military strike ineffective - as soon as spring.
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July 12, 2014

Heads of state, including German leader

More than 25,000 security personnel will be deployed in the city for the tournament's final match between Germany and Argentina, officials say.

Heads of state, including German leader Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin, will attend the match.

About 75,000 fans are expected to watch the final at Rio's Maracana stadium.

Police, soldiers and firefighters will be involved in security operations, and 25 ships are expected to monitor the city's coast.

"This will be the biggest security operation that the city or country has ever seen," senior local government official Jose Mariano Beltrane said.

"We need to ensure that this event goes off like all the other games in the World Cup... I prefer to have a large number of men ready than to be taken by surprise."
Argentina soccer fans on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 11 July 2014 Officials estimate up to 70,000 fans from Argentina will be in Rio de Janeiro for the final

The number of security agents is equivalent to a third of all the football fans who will be watching the final inside the stadium, the BBC's Julia Carneiro in Rio de Janeiro reports.

Security will also be stronger in areas where thousands of Argentinians are gathering and camping out - city authorities expect up to 70,000 fans from the neighbouring country for the final, our correspondent adds.

"There is extra work as some heads of state and the president will be at the final game," army general Jamil Megid said in quotes carried by AP news agency.

Ms Merkel and Mr Putin are expected to have lunch with Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff before heading to the match.

Russia will host the next tournament, in 2018.

The tournament's third-place playoff - between hosts Brazil and the Netherlands - takes place on Saturday evening in the capital Brasilia.

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