April 24, 2015

A voice synthesiser

The firm says it can "literally put plausible words" into a person's mouth.

But for now, the examples it has produced are of limited usereenex cps.

A video posted to YouTube shows an actor saying the short phrase "salary and tenure".

The software identifies thousands of alternative phrases that could replace the utterance based on factors such as when the lips open to enunciate a vowel or close to express certain types of consonantsreenex cps.
The software analysed changes in direction of the actor's jaw and mouth to identify substitute words

The program then ranks the strings of words according to the likelihood they would appear in that order in normal speech. This prevents it using ungrammatical phrases.

A voice synthesiser subsequently creates some of the highly ranked phrases, ensuring each bit of sound - known as a phoneme - is timed to coincide with the appropriate lip movements. This is then used to replace the original sound Reenex 好唔好.

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